Genesis GV70
Born to create

Fusing the ‘Athletic Elegance’ of Genesis with state-of-the-art technology and all-terrain capability, the Genesis GV70 is a premium urban SUV that leads its class, and leads the way forward. With standard All-Wheel Drive, an available engine capable of 375 hp and an electronically controlled suspension for a smooth and stable ride, driving the GV70 means the possibilities are endless on every journey.

All inclusive
starting from*
GV70 2.5T Advanced AWD
@ 5,800 rpm
@ 1,600 - 4,000 rpm

'Best Compact Luxury SUV'

The Genesis GV70 has been chosen as the Best Compact Luxury SUV at the 2024 Awards for the second year in a row. The GV70 impressed once again with its winning combination of styling, composed yet dynamic driving sensibilities, luxurious interior, and intuitive integration of technology.

International Model Shown.
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Meet GV70, the premium urban SUV made for your lifestyle. It's where performance meets luxury and safety meets sporty, opening up the future to a dynamic driving experience with cutting-edge connectivity.

Close up of GV70 steering wheel

Radar-based ROA detects passengers in the rear seats and in the cargo area. When the rear door or tailgate is opened, the driver is alerted with a warning sound and a cluster pop-up when the driver disembarks. If the driver fails to notice the alarm and locks the car door, the radar sensors mounted on the rear seats and in the cargo area can detect minute movement and provide a second notification via horn, emergency lights, and even app notification (if feature is appropriately set up on Genesis Connected Services app).

International model shown.

Two GV70s entering a city intersection

Detects collision risks with vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists ahead, warning and braking to prevent accidents. In addition it will assist with emergency braking during left turns to avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles. FCA is available with Junction Turning, Junction Crossing, Lane Change oncoming/side, and Evasive Steering Assist.

*Specification may vary depending on model.

Rear 3/4 view of GV70 driving on highway

A driving convenience system designed for highway driving. It utilizes Lane Change Assist, Vehicle Distance Control, and LFA with Offset Driving. When combined, these features provide the GV70 an ability to assist in lane change maneuvers, adjust to a safe following distance, and even fine tune lane positioning to accommodate when other vehicles approach too closely on either side.*

*Specification may vary depending on model.

Closeup of GV70’s 3D surround view monitor

The available Surround View Monitor system utilizes cameras mounted around the vehicle to show diverse images of the vehicle’s surroundings, including three-dimensional 360° images from any point of your vehicle, to assist with parking.

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA)
White GV70 passing vehicle on highway

When BCA detects an imminent collision from the backside while making a lane change or leaving a parking lot from the car’s parallel-parked position, it sends an alert and, if the risk increases even after the alert, the BCA assists to avoid the collision through differential braking.

Two GV70s entering a city intersection
Rear 3/4 view of GV70 driving on highway
Closeup of GV70’s 3D surround view monitor
White GV70 passing vehicle on highway
GV70 fingerprint authentication system

Load individual driver profiles and settings or activate Valet Mode with the world’s first in-vehicle fingerprint reader.

GV70 touch controller

Quickly and easily control the Infotainment System with the Genesis Integrated Controller. Handwriting recognition lets you search for destinations and contacts without needing to use the keyboard.

GV70 12.3-Inch 3D Cluster

The 14.5" high-definition widescreen can be split to display media, weather, and GPS information separately and features a new graphical user interface (GUI) designed exclusively for Genesis.

*Available on 3.5T Sport Plus with eLSD only.

First person view of 12" high definition vivid navigation widescreen

For a safer and more convenient drive, essential information appears directly in your eyeline. Keep track of driving speed, navigation, ADAS, and more on a clear, easy-to see display.

*Available on 2.5T Advanced Plus, 2.5T Prestige, 3.5T Sport and 3.5T Sport Plus with eLSD only

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*Purchase price of $61,150 available on new 2025 Genesis GV70 2.5T Advanced AWD models. Price includes fees, levies, and all applicable charges (excluding HST; GST/PST). Price excludes registration, insurance, PPSA, and license fees. Prices shown apply to Uyuni White GV70 vehicle models. For all other colours, paint charges apply as follows: (1) An Exterior Paint premium charge of $500 will apply, or (2) $1700 Matte Paint Charge will apply. Specifications may vary by model. **2.5T Advanced AWD. Estimated horsepower based on premium fuel ratings. Use of regular fuel will result in reduced horsepower. †GV70 2.5T Advanced AWD.